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workshops  offered:                                                                

Cardiac Care Yoga Therapy 

25 hour training

Prema Yoga Therapy Institute at Pure Yoga West

New York City

with Sonja Rzepski, lead Yoga Therapist and Dr. Millie Lee Cardiologist

guest yoga monk Nataraj Chaitanya

In this course:


• Explore how a yoga & meditation practice can significantly support students at risk or living with heart disease.

• Learn the cardiac science and physiology behind the "down-regulating" aspects of chair yoga, Yoga Nidra, meditation and pranayama.

• Learn the risk factors of heart disease.
• Review cardiac anatomy, types of coronary artery disease, testing, procedures, surgeries, and contraindications, with a cardiologist.
• Teaching the spectrum of students from - at risk to post-operative recovery.
• Adjusting the appropriate yoga for chair or supported supine positions.
• Adapting the practice for weight management,depression, and anxiety.
• The science of correct pranayama for the cardiac student.
• How the Ashtanga 8 limb path and the Yoga Sutras are applied to the cardiac student.
• Nidra Meditation specifically for the cardiac student.
• Adjustments and sequencing for the cardiac student.
• Meditations for recovery, heart healthy lifestyle adherence, and mental balance.
• How to use the doshas (body/personality types) diagnostically in teaching cardiac students.

Ongoing Workshop Offerings:

Sun Salutations and Pranayama


2 hours open level workshop to understand the sun salutation flow, we break down the postures and learn the right modifications for your level. The pranayama is the guidance of our breath and is an integral part of understanding the flow of the practice. The work brings joy and lightness to the body. 

Standing and Balancing 


2 hours open level workshop to develop a clear understanding of alignment in the major classical standing and balance postures. Good for empowerment and confidence. 

Hip openers Earth Bound  

2 hours open level workshop exploring the yin nature of the forward bends, hip openers and the traditional postures we do seated and lying down. Deeply restful and clearing to the mind. 

Back Bending and Restorative 

2 hour open level workshop developing the correct alignment for back bending postures and a restorative element to balance the high energetic work of the back bends. Good for creating courage and acceptance. 

Yoga for Heart Health


1 hour open level designed for cardiovascular health and well being, safe and healthy for all. We will do stress reduction breath and yoga postures as well as mind clarifying meditation. Promotes optimism. 


Creating your own Home Practice


2 hour open level workshop to help the yoga practitioner create their own home practice safely and effectively. This promotes creativity and encourages the concept of self wellness regulation.


Create a Working Abundance TT


6 hour (200 hour yoga alliance certification required), this is a holistic approach workshop for yoga teachers to learn how to manage and develop their business as a yoga teacher using the principals of the abundance theory.


Teaching in the Private setting TT


10 hour (200 hour yoga alliance certification required), this is a workshop to guide the group yoga teacher into understanding the differences and joys of working on the one on one level. 







3 month mentorships available in partnership with Pure Yoga. This 100 hour individualized course prepares you to teach professionally after graduating from a 200 hour accredited TT program. 

As a mentee, you receive coaching that is designed specifically for how you want to develop your teaching.  This could cover many elements such as advanced class sequencing, teaching in schools, private instruction, and/or yoga business development techniques.  The mentee also teaches a community class at the Pure Yoga Studio in NYC weekly for 12 weeks. 

This is a wonderful way to define your  teaching contribution to the yogic community. 

Applications are available through the Pure Yoga and an interview can be arranged year round.  

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