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MEDITATION AUDIO TRACKS ~ artist sonja rzepski

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This practice maximizes the mind and body's own ability to heal and transform itself by stimulating the parasympathetic system (or the rest and digest response), promoting our ability to boost our immunity, regulate hormonal and glucose levels, and take in nutrients.  It activates the areas of the brain responsible for interoceptive awareness, or our ability to understand and recognize sensations internally. This in turn can help us heal from trauma response patterns and promotes our ability to make substantial change in our life. By using Yoga Nidra and Yoga Therapy techniques these meditations are composed to compliment your wellness care. It is recommended you do these when you have time to sit or rest in savasana (laying on your back) position for 40 minutes. Do not drive or operate machinery while listening to these meditations. 

Click on each link to connect (these free sessions are on Youtube but also can be accessed through Spotify, Apple Music and other platforms) 

Pain Management- Resilience is written to empower you to deal with chronic or acute physical or emotional pain, using your own capacity to listen deeply within, we see pain as information and explore our subconscious power to shift and process the experience.  It is best to be in a physical position that is most comfortable and it is fine to move or shift that during the practice. Listen to your body. 

Anxiety Reduction  - Peace promotes a sense of ease and goodness by relaxing the body deeply and focusing the mind in a positive and clear direction. We use positive life affirming visualizations as tools that can be accessed when anxiety surfaces. This works on a subconscious level to train the nervous system to respond to life's challenges with a relaxed awareness and stable mind.

Healing Relationships - Connections is a meditation directed to create perspective and healing with another person. This can be someone you love deeply, someone you want to support, someone you need closure with, or even someone you have conflict with at home or work. It is about how to see all relationships as experiences to grow from. When we heal relationships with others we thereby heal ourselves. 


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